Kraft paper bags than plastic packaging in where?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-23
A, kraft paper bags and plastic bags on the environmental impact of kraft paper is made of wood fiber and plastic bags don't have to say, some netizens said used also can be used when the trash bags, plastic bags can do secondary use, actually don't know if you have not to notice, because the whole occurred in the utilization of secondary pollution is particularly powerful, because with the garbage after the plastic bag is often lost, and then when one pull plastic bags together buried, plastic could be decomposed to undergo several hundred years, the most important and the resulting pollution on soil water content, and do a brown paper bag bag because it is ligneous, being buried can break down soon, and will not cause any pollution to soil. Second, kraft paper, kraft paper bags on the bag and plastic recycling can be recycled into cattle cardboard or other paper packaging materials, and plastic bags are made of recycled item's impact on the environment is still not change, light pollution to the environment more. So long pollution to the environment and recycling of cattle paperboard bag is far better than plastic bags. And environmental protection standard of kraft paper, not only reflected in the production of environmental protection but also in the subsequent impact on the environment.
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