Kraft paper bags customized material how to choose

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
Kraft paper bags custom-made material how to choose? As countries & other; Plastic limit & throughout; Orders, the paper has become more and more important role in people's life, at the same time, many enterprises in order to show the company image, and the product image, metropolitan choose custom paper bags. Of course, any products have high school low-grade, paper bags of the material is no exception. First of all, the most common form of the paper is the white cardboard, due to its strong texture, 210 grams of the thickness of the bearing commonly 3 ~ 5 kg is enough, of course, if it is heavier fur clothing or other items, use 250 grams of white card bearing the effect will be better, and the printing effect is good, price moderate, general choice for high-grade product. Coated paper is a commonly used material, its quality is better than soft some white cardboard, the thickness of the routine for 175 grams, the printing effect and white cardboard, similarly also need to be coated, similar prices to the white cardboard. In recent years, many large foreign brand clothing bags pop up use 180 grams of white kraft paper, white kraft paper, they use more than is made in abroad, this paper more convenient to use, not particularly big, because its bearing degree is inferior to white cardboard, but printing is not easy to change color, and not to be coated, its price is also among the highest in all kinds of materials. Of course also have cow leather materials used, it has a relatively cheaper price is below the glossy paper, just the printing effect than other material, of course is better than that of the domestic some imports. If product output is not high, choose cheaper packaging can save a lot of cost. Grey board and double-sided white material price is more cost-effective, can be said to be the one of the cheapest material in the paper. Grey board, just as its name implies is refers to the side is white, one side is gray paper, minimum thickness is 250 grams, soft hardness to some, the printing effect is similar to white cardboard, also need to be coated. Double white and grey board about, just two sides is white, gray material, is among some prices are more expensive than grey board, can also be used to & other; Filling & throughout; The white cardboard. About the material of paper added so many first, have the time will be described in detail. But in selecting the materials at the same time, the first thing to pay attention to match with the grade of the product, the second cannot blindly pursue cheap, must confirm with manufacturer for sample, pay attention to and the effect of the product is tie-in, lest cause & other; Not harmonious & throughout; The influence of.
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