Kraft paper bag manufacturer to tell you something about the paper bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
1 bag printing commonly used paper. Coated paper color expressive force of strong contrast, therefore, bag of planning design also can from the loom. From printing technology, everything in the modern printing technology can be expressed in a small bag. 2. Kraft paper, white kraft paper, mountain in its patience is strong, using environmental protection, has recently been increasing in the bag is printed on the applications. 3. Bag printed using paper is 157 g / ㎡, 200 g / ㎡ coated paper, in addition, 120 g / ㎡, 140 g / ㎡ white or yellow kraft paper bagalso contrasts throughout. If the bag need to load the heavier products, also have choose 300 g / ㎡ coated paperboard or more than 300 g / ㎡. And to further enhance the strength of the bag, it can be coated according to the requirements, contact bag planning, complex on a layer of light may be inferior smooth film, more show delicate handbag. After molding process through a brown paper bag printing, laminating punch after lacing ( Usually choose nylon or cotton rope, some thin paper bag also often choose twine) , bag forming ( Such as large bag printing scales, to reinforce the rivet in rope hole to applied) 。 Visible, bag production technology is not mixed and disorderly, only wear rope end this process usually needs human, so relative to other printed products, technical process slightly a bit messy, it also makes the bag capital increase. Programming a brown paper bag bag, primary energy can be placed on how to make the bag planning special, print is exquisite, can impress people, and now, can be repeatedly used, and has the characteristics such as environmental performance among the planners to consider the main points of the problem.
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