It restricts the development of plastic packaging bags? — Packaging printing

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
Today is the disadvantage of plastic bags, and plastic bags face many obstacles. 1, plastic bag as the outer packing of products, the use of materials is the key of the plastic bags, and plastic material is struggling in the development, because not enough green environmental protection of the plastic, the plastic products market share gradually reduce. 【 Packaging printing 】 2, the diversity of products make its packaging has some specificity. For example: liquid class multi-purpose canned, bottled, and even some liquid product use paper packaging. These products have a characteristic, curing of the outer packing, make plastic bags can't satisfy the needs of its outer packing. More than 3, glass packaging used for wine packaging forms, in the field of some can't use glass products, plastic packaging is to be able to do some, section and less cost. 4, while plastic packaging industry has been expanding market share, expanding at the same time, still need to face all kinds of the ban, but in certain field of plastic packaging, ban still exist. In some areas such as abroad announced a ban on using plastic water bottles, etc.
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