Is there any third party doing quality test?
Kolysen Packaging Integration Co.,LTD. welcomes a third party to thoroughly inspect our stand up pouches manufacturers . The third-party testing is a quality control process where an independent organization reviews our product to see if it meets certain standards. This process is not involved in any other activities, such as design, procurement, fabrication, or installation but the inspection and testing only. We also carry out our own checks in house performed by our experienced and skilled independent QC team. Both processes can lead to a better-quality product.
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Kolysen Packaging lies in a leading position in the production of aluminum foil packaging in China. According to the material, Kolysen Packaging's products are divided into several categories, and spout pouches is one of them. The production process of Kolysen aluminum foil packaging is highly mechanized and automated. The number of layers and the thickness of the individual layer can be customized. The product is not susceptible to environmental influences. It has passed the environmental tests – including wet, dry, hot, cold, vibration, acceleration, IP rating, UV light, etc. The polymer materials make it highly resistant to puncture.
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