Introduction to food packaging use erroneous zone

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
Since the birth of plastic packaging bags, with its light, cheap, high strength features such as a favorite among the people. People are used to use plastic bags to pack things. There are all kinds of plastic bags on the market, but there are thousands of species, from the color that what good? We really will choose plastic bags? Although almost every day we can use plastic bags, but for the choice of plastic packaging bags, we tend to be into the erroneous zone. 【 Food packing. A, plastic bags the more thick, the stronger, the better. In our life, we often see all kinds of plastic bags, so bags must be all right. In fact not so, plastic bags have strict standards, especially used in food packaging bags, must choose normal manufacturer production, with related department for examination and approval of qualified products, the quality of these plastic bags can be guaranteed. Plastic bags used for food must mark & other Used for food & throughout; With the words. To the light can see the plastic is clean. Qualified plastic bags is very clean, without impurities, and inferior point of plastic bags will see dirty and impurities. The thickness of the single plastic bag must be 0. More than 025 mm, short of the thickness, countries are banned production use. 【 Food bag] Second, the plastic packaging of colorful, choose color packing more beautiful. Although plastic bags color is a lot of more phyletic, but when we choose to be cautious, if only for items of plastic packaging, from the consideration on the color, must choose color is simple, so at least it fewer additives. Many dark plastic bags are recycled waste materials to produce, these plastic bags are not able to direct contact with food. Third, use the plastic bags. There are a lot of families are in the habit of storing waste plastic bags, in fact, for as long as pay attention to the cleanliness and the use of waste plastic bags is ok, but do not use waste plastic bags for food and skin contact, that will produce chronic damage to our health. 【 Food packaging 】
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