Introduces the vacuum composite bag up bag leakage reason and solution

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
Introduces vacuum compound bag bag of the cause of leakage rises and the solution to release time: 2019 - 07 - 01 vacuum composite bag production company will often meet up bag problem, is a waste of time, also by economic losses. For vacuum packaging machine for packaging food bags leak, basically has the following reasons. A composite bag, vacuum bacteria reproduction tend to produce gas, it is one of the reasons for the food up bag. The solution is as follows: 1. Control the raw material of initial microorganisms. As much as possible to minimize the pollution level, the raw material strictly selected raw materials, and avoid the use of contaminated metamorphic principle, in order to avoid deterioration due to excessive microbial residues and make products, get a bag. 2. To improve the quality of the staff to improve the quality of the staff and strengthening the consciousness of quality control, establishment of a comprehensive quality management system, establish the quality control activities actively, give full play to the staff's subjective initiative. Staff improper operation, increase food pollution causes inflation bag phenomenon. Control the machining process raw material process should close coordination, transport the shorter convergence time is better, and the processing time, processing temperature and curing time due and operating standards, to ensure to produce qualified products, on the other hand, from the cleaning and disinfection of the product to ready made the time should be shortened as far as possible, reduce microbial contamination. Otherwise, susceptible to bacterial residue, breeding, and thus get a bag. 4. Ensure timely sterilization after vacuum sealing vacuum sealing products in a timely manner after sterilization, and logistics flow, strictly abide by the operation procedure of sterilization process, improve the operator's control, maintenance, and quality control skills, avoid to cause the finished product of secondary pollution; Check the operation performance of sterilization machine, the function of sterilizer should be abandoned without problems, or detailed survey strict calibration. 5. Check the high temperature sterilization time and temperature sterilization time is not enough, the temperature was not up to standard and the uneven temperature, easy to make microbial residues, breeding. Thus, microbial decomposition of organic matter can be food, produce hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide gas, such as vacuum compound bag with the gas, can appear up bag. Now we get a bag of food industry, most are associated with sterilization uneven temperature. So, be sure to check the temperature before processing production is in accordance with the standards, regularly check the thermometer. Sterilization process must be good control of time, to improve the quality of the staff, don't in order to improve the work efficiency, and man-made sterilization time. To use the sterilization uneven temperature need to change the equipment or to modify equipment. 6. Production workshop hygiene control, temperature and humidity control workshop health control, temperature, humidity control this topic we can talk more next time. My idea is that if there were no air purification equipment, will try to use exhaust fan to make the air circulation. Two composite bag, vacuum sealing and appear a gender. Food after bagging, the last procedure for vacuum hot pressing sealing compound bag, and this procedure, the quality of high and low will directly affect the sealing performance of a vacuum compound bag. If the sealing side is lax, can lead to a compound bag vacuum leak, the air will be from vacuum compound bag leakage area penetrating into the vacuum compound bag. The permeability of vacuum compound bag is too large which is another cause of the food up bag. Three sellers, transportation and warehouse storage temperature, many products for room temperature more than 37 degrees Celsius, a cold one hot, produce the cause such as condensed water inside. Four, food additives, reaction between gas or food additives and ingredients reaction gas. A: using vacuum compound bag need to pay attention to what the next: food packaging preservation effect on the consumer lifestyle
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