Introduce potential harm and reason of food vacuum bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
1, plastic packaging and its harm of food vacuum bag with light mass, easy to transport, chemical stability, easy to produce, and many other advantages, is widely used in food packaging. By adding a certain amount of antioxidants, preservatives in plastic auxiliary polymer materials, such as the food has the very good protection effect. But plastic packing surface easy food contamination caused by friction charged dust adsorption impurities, plastic packaging of not polymerization of ethylene, ethyl benzene, such as free monomer will increase with the extension of exposure time to move food risk, thus causing food contamination. Plastic packaging products added stabilizing agent, plasticizer, have sex cause cancer and birth defects, extensive use of plastic packaging increases the late recycling pressure, pollute the environment. 2, paper packaging and its harm in recent years, the paper packaging because its can be made into bags, boxes, or cans, boxes and other forms of advantages and is widely used in food packaging. But as a result of paper packaging materials originate from recycled paper or paperboard, the bacteria, chemical residues and some impurities often attached to the production of paper packaging, increase the risk of contaminated food paper packaging. In addition, mostly used in paper packaging of fluorescent whitening agent, chemical potential pollution sources are food. 3, glass container and its harm as people demand for food vacuum bag diversification, personalization, many with silicon dioxide as raw material made of glass containers are widely used in food packaging, in order to increase the gloss of the glass container, often add arsenic, antimony and other production enterprises as clarifying agent, can even increase the lead element. In addition, all sorts of color glass containers have also been used in food packaging containers, food in the vulnerable to materials such as glass dissolution of silicon dioxide pollution. On the other hand, more and more packaging such as metal, ceramics, rubber monomer or gasket, sealing materials are applied to food packaging, if inappropriate treatment will produce potential hazards. Food vacuum bag the transportation and storage of food safety hazard reasons cannot leave the application of all kinds of packaging materials, the cause of harmful food packaging materials mainly has the following several aspects. 1, production of food packaging material or container production enterprises in the production of no strict quality control, used in the production of raw materials containing toxic or harmful waste material, and some companies use the packaging materials because of its application in production of printing technology, the problems such as nonstandard quality management, buried under the food safety hidden trouble. 2 use link factors of food packaging materials used more and more attention to sensory effects, enterprises pursue the appearance of packaging materials or excessive pursuit of practicality, and ignore the function of the safety of food packing material and health standards, and the use methods problems, increase the risk of food safety problems. 3 management link factors in recent years, the relevant departments to increase the food safety packaging safety regulation, also issued a series of standards and rules. But have research and development of new materials, new materials, lax supervision, standard lag phenomenon exists to varying degrees, also increase the food safety risk.
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