In the process of using the plastic bags we should pay attention to?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-23
One, the plastic bag containing harmful material release, and contaminated food. If eating the contaminated food, people are prone to food poisoning symptom such as vomiting and diarrhea. So for a long time, not only affects human health, and even has a huge influence on children's health development. Second, the use of ultra-thin plastic bags. Ultra-thin bags light weight, thin thickness, but there are certain bearing capacity. Looks like a very good, you know why ultra-thin plastic bags can achieve this kind of performance? That's because the plastic bag manufacturers to join in the process of production of the plasticizer, and this kind of plasticizer is very adverse to human body health, the thickness of the state laws and regulations prohibit manufacturer production and sales of less than 2. Ultra-thin plastic bags of 5 c. And the poor quality of ultra-thin plastic bags after all, the difficult to recycle, which do not conform to the environmental protection concept, three, don't use plastic bags alcoholic food. Why is that? Because alcohol food will cause lead in PVC plastic bags into the food. It is well known that lead is toxic heavy metals, has the very strong harm to human body, once absorbed excessive amounts of lead, there will be a severe abdominal cramps, anemia, toxic hepatopathy, toxic nephropathy, multiple peripheral neuropathy. Four, the common plastic bags can't dress up food in the microwave heating, heating to produce carcinogens, plastic bags very adverse to human body health, consumers should use the special microwave heating plastic film. Consumer food should use special food packaging bags, plastic bags, especially special color deep is likely to be recycled plastics processing out again, should be resolutely avoid used in food packaging. I believe you to master the correct method of use of plastic bags, not only can prolong the service life of plastic bags, but also a kind of protection for personal health.
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