In mid-may nanjing held steady market prices for rice rice bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-28
According to the market monitoring, in mid-may, jiangsu nanjing area rice market prices remained stable. On May 17th, nanjing xingang 4 Sue to produce special japonica rice grain and oil food market wholesale price. 48 yuan/kg, Su Wan mark a wholesale price of japonica rice in 4. About 28 yuan/kg, acorus mark a wholesale price of japonica rice in 5. 4 yuan/kg, marking a 3 ZaJiaoMi wholesale price. 88 yuan/kg, the high quality 4 ZaJiaoMi wholesale price. 32 yuan/kg, 5 japonica glutinous rice wholesale price. 57 yuan/kg, 8 Thai rice wholesale price. 85 yuan/kg. The plentiful, purchase and marketing is smooth, is expected in the near future market will continue to give priority to in order to smooth rice.
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