In food packaging printing gravure what's the meaning of a word?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
【 Food packaging 】 People know the word bag, but little is known about the intaglio printing and packaging printing. Now I am here for you to explain what is called a gravure. 【 Food packing. In the middle of the 15th century, gravure wounded first is done by hand. Manual dig cut with knives on the copper plate or sheet. At the beginning of the 17th century, chemical etching method was used in gravure version of the production. Particular way is: first, in the copper surface coating a layer of acid corrosion resistant wax layer, then use sharp steel needle on the wax level, the paint line wax layer destruction, makes the steel surface, and in the next step of corrosion in the process of contact with acidic solution, thus forming the trace of the concave. 18 - During the 19th century the invention and application of technologies, the huge change for gravure technology laid a solid foundation. Including: in 1782, found that potassium dichromate has light sensitivity; The invention of photography in 1839; 1839 found that potassium dichromate physical properties before and after the exposure of different; Carbon paper transfer method, etc in 1864; Gravure technology was born in 1878, and formally put into production in 1890 in Vienna. Gravure method made by photographic film, using carbon paper as intermediates, which completely replaces the manual sculpture, greatly improved the quality and speed of the plate, but due to the limitation of process characteristics, making the gravure printing is still only the up of lower class, and then the cloth meilan cannot fundamentally improve the quality of the gravure plate making method. Until the electronic sculpture gravure process, so that the gravure on no longer rely on one dimensional changes to reflect the level of shade depth ( Gravure method depend on the change of the net hole depth, cloth meilan plate method is depend on the change of the surface of mesh point) , electronic sculpture gravure rely on net surface area and depth of the hole change to reflect the level of shade depth at the same time, this makes the replication by intaglio printing process is given priority to with level of high-end living thing becomes possible. Especially after the computer technology is widely applied in the field of gravure, dominate gravure plate making and printing technology. In gravure plate-making, first take the lead to achieve the numerous film technology, the offset printing process continues to vigorously promote the CTP technology today, in the field of gravure CTP has successfully run for nearly 10 years, The second is the successful use of the technology of digital proofing, digital proofing technology has been widely accepted by the field of gravure, and play an indispensable in the production. 【 Food bag]
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