In 2018 the global food plastic bags will amount to $37. 3 billion market value

by:Kolysen     2020-06-27
Cleveland industry market research report, global demand for plastic bags will be 6 per year. Market demand is growing at 2%, to 2018 gross will amount to 37. 3 billion dollars. This value increase is caused by the consumers and producers of traditional consumption preference, market to more traditional forms of plastic packaging, it is a kind of market consumption inertia. Global plastic bags in 2018 will amount to $37. 3 billion market value about plastic packaging, it is easy to think of the food industry, including liquid food in plastic packaging requirements occupies very large proportion. Among them, in the dairy industry, acid milk beverage in the Chinese dairy market maintained a more than 30% of high-speed growth for three consecutive years, become the largest category in development potential in the dairy industry. Plastic packaging is used in the acid milk beverage containers in the packing of the fastest growing type, its development speed even more than the growth rate of the product. Under 220 ml of HDPE plastic bottles of acid milk beverage packaging, its core consumers are children. After more than ten years of development, small packaging HDPE plastic bottle a solid market stability of acid milk beverage, and has been developing rapidly. HDPE plastic bottle has become a children's absolute dominant packaging form of acid milk beverage, the market share as high as 94%. Is greater than 350 ml of acid milk beverage packaging is a new category of nearly two years to appear on the market, its market share increased rapidly, the target customer base to 18 - - - - - - The 25-year-old young women. After several years of development, big package of acid milk beverage consumption crowd scope expands unceasingly, and PET plastic bottle has also become the dominant large packing beverage packaging form. Tea drink, fruit juice and functional drinks after years of painstaking efforts, has become a stable and mature products, drinks on the market now warm filling technology of high speed for many beverage enterprise provides the best solution, not only meet the growth rate of the product and security, and reduces the beverage packaging material cost and operation cost of the enterprise. Many plastic container suppliers, said many of the cosmetic enterprises showed a lot of attention to lightweight, especially popular personal care products, such as using plastic bottle or plastic jars of skincare products. Usually, compared with the injection molding container, plastic bottle or plastic can easier to achieve the goal of lightweight. Lightweight plastic packaging can relieve people concern about environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more people choose packing is better, faster production, itself strong and reduce weight products, when cosmetic wholesale sales products, each the slightly reduce the dosage of resin on the package can bring considerable economic benefits for the enterprise, especially resin raw materials price under the premise of unprecedented increase, more and more enterprises of packaging lightweight issue increasingly keen interest. According to the Cleveland industry market research report, said the global demand for plastic bags to 6 per year. Market demand is growing at 2%, to 2018 gross will amount to 37. 3 billion dollars. This value increase is caused by the consumers and producers of traditional consumption preference, market to more traditional forms of plastic packaging, it is a kind of market consumption inertia. In the market for the rapid expansion of China and other developing countries, the expansion of production scale and market demand of packet rising trend present complementary to each other. , according to a report in 2018, the market expected income is the highest in the asia-pacific region. Among them, food packaging, Especially in beverage packaging) Will be two main poles and pharmaceutical packaging. Portable degree and the packaging design feeling increasingly also impelled the market demand, in more developed countries Japan and South Korea, for example, packaging consumer base stability; Highly industrialized regions in central and South America, for example, packing demand continued steady growth; The most sophisticated packaging market in North America and Western Europe, for example, demand rise more than expected rate; Have to mention the most potential packaging markets including China, Thailand and India, animating the whole packaging market strong demand degrees of productivity. Plastic packaging category is numerous, is widely used. Because of its convenience and low cost advantage by packaging market welcome, will still be in the future for a long time to occupy a very important role. And as the green environmental protection idea advocated, plastic packaging also need to take measures to actively use new technology improvement to upgrade, in order to realize sustainable development.
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