If did not have the plastic food system will be hardest hit

by:Kolysen     2020-07-12
With the development of plastic industry and thorough, the plastic packaging with food, already become an indispensable member of the food system. If you remove plastic packaging, food will be difficult to save for a long time, the consumer hard to late thousands of miles away. Plastic density is small, light, can be transparent or opaque, easy processing, as long as the mould replacement or get a different breed of container, easy to form the mass production. But it also exists many shortcomings, such as: low surface hardness of plastic deformation at high temperature is easy to wear; In light of oxygen and heat oxygen degradation will become fragile; The electrostatic accumulation caused by poor electrical conductivity, even links of pollution and so on. But despite this, it brought great convenience to our life. Its main composition is called an & other; Oriented polypropylene & # 39; ” The plastic. Brody explained: & other; It is a good moistureproof layer. ” In the packaging of chips, moisture is critical, & other; Because chips absorbed moisture will start to spoil. Wet crisps won't some people like. ” In order to further reinforce the potato chips packing bags, many inner with a thin layer of aluminum. Name of commodity and nutrition information is printed on the outer and inside and outside also sandwiched between two layers of a layer of polyethylene. Brody said, before packing sealing, most companies will be in the injection of nitrogen. “ This can prevent crushed potato chips. ” Oxygen can make fat oxidation of potato chips, produce odor, nitrogen and does not cause any damage flavors of chemical reaction. Food companies often spend a lot of time to design the packaging, the purpose is the best way to save every product they sell. This is the army. In the previous report, the army had used a kind of packaging will be sandwich freshness extended to two years.
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