Identify the PE plastic bag or PVC plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
Identify the PE plastic bag or PVC plastic bags of release time: 2019 - 10 - 30 in our daily life, almost every day in contact with the plastic bags, then you know the difference between the PE plastic bags and PVC plastic bags? The following packaging teach you three methods, easy to identify. General common food packaging materials chemical name for the polyethylene ( PE) Or polypropylene, etc. ; And commonly used in raincoat, table cloth, slippers, agricultural film and other products of polyvinyl chloride ( pvc) , should not be added more plasticizer, stabilizer, cheng fang food so as not to cause a harm to health. Method one: visual, PE plastic bags for ivory commonly, half transparent body, touch the surface of the plastic bag, PE handle lubrication and texture strong toughness, sticky hair shibuya is PVC plastic bags; Method 2: shake. Can use the hand shake plastic bags, ringing noise for PE plastic bag, the sound small, stuffy for PVC plastic bags. Method 3: burning. If conditions permit, the burning method may also be used to identify, flame is blue, yellow, upper burning paraffin smells for PE plastic bags; Very difficult to burn, yellow flame, top green, hydrochloric acid stimulation smells for PVC plastic bags. The previous: plastic bag printing need noticed what respect? Next: what food plastic bags of safety usage
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