How long will it take if I want stand up pouches for food packaging sample?
Ordinarily, an ordinary product sample of stand up pouch will be sent as soon as the sample order is placed. When the sample is sent, we will provide an email notification of your order status. Should you experience delays in getting your sample purchase, contact us. We'll help to validate the status of your sample.

Kolysen has become more recognized in the plastic film packaging market. The plastic film packaging series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Kolysen foil packaging suppliers is produced in a highly standardized production environment. This product is solvent resistant, including oil, acid, and grease. The product has good wind resistance. It can withstand a certain level of wind without collapse with the help of its own gravity and base. It can be made of pure aluminum foil paper, laminated materials, or plastic film materials.

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