How are materials used by Kolysen Packaging for producing microwave popcorn bags bulk ?
Kolysen Packaging Integration Co.,LTD. regards the controlling of quality of materials as important as the controlling of quality of finished products. Materials used in microwave popcorn bags bulk are supplied by reliable partners and tested by our professional team. The use of materials is considered during the certification.
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Kolysen ​​is recognized as the a trustworthy lidding film brand in China. Kolysen Packaging provides a wide range of flexible packaging for customers. The raw material of Kolysen food packaging supplies goes through a rigorous selection procedure. Its inner layer can be made of clear films, matte films or metalized films. The product is able to last for a long time. No matter what happens to it, wet it with water or pour on chemicals, it stays actually the same. The product has the advantage of good machinability.
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We work with ISO-certified suppliers who have the right working conditions, working times, and who conduct their work without undue risk or pressure.

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