Grilled steak a eight edge-sealing bag fun those foods

by:Kolysen     2020-07-12
There is an old saying in China, called & other; The tailor makes the man horse depends on saddle throughout &; , is the so-called & other; Three points look, dress up seven points throughout the &; , good packaging as the bow and arrow to highly focus on people's memory, attention and focus. The packing of the fun is also a lot of!

eight edge-sealing bag manufacturers in guangdong industrial co. , LTD for you to find something about & other; Packaging & throughout; Fun:

1: change the packing up again

village working lunch after the meeting, the staff on the maotai. The steward a look angry, scold a way: & other; Wind tight now, who let you on it? ” The staff got a fright, to take maotai came up again. The steward said: & other; Wait a minute. ” Staff do not know the steward do, standing back to one side. The steward whispered: & other; Get down to change the packing up again & hellip; … ”

2: I thought it was a package of sawdust

mother in poor health, elder sister to mother bought five outside ganoderma lucidum, sister afraid mother stir not broken, let the seller grated 3, send it back together. After my mother received, call sister said received two ganoderma lucidum. There are three crush elder sister say, hear only mother weak weak said a sentence, I thought it was the packing wood shavings, pour the trash & hellip; …

3: packing coffin

this coffin packaging moment remind us smoking harmful to health!

4: export exquisite packaging

my brother and sister to love beautiful age, the dress is very exquisite. But mom often for sister buy new clothes, while ignoring the brother. For this, brother is very unhappy, said mother eccentric. And mother had her understanding, say, & other; And export wants particularly exquisite packaging. ”

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