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by:Kolysen     2020-06-18
Green packaging in site is mentioned at the beginning of the word, today again to return to the topic. 【 Packaging printing 】 So what is a green packaging? Green packaging production standards? Here we make a summary and overview of some of green packaging production standards. 1, green packaging is not only environmental protection performance of the product itself, the word green packaging also involved in the production process, the environmental protection of printing machinery. Refers to the printing equipment in the production process does not produce harmful substances. The production process to do no pollution. 2, green packaging material, first of all plastic bags of their own material to use environmental protection material. Avoid using second-hand material ( What is the second-hand material? ) 。 Especially the level of food packaging, especially to put an end to the use of second-hand materials. 3, green packaging also advocates a recycling, should also pay attention to this point, when the production can be recycled material proportion increase. Increase the recycling utilization. 4, green packaging printing process, when it comes to printing ink will involve, in previous articles, we also said to the development and utilization of the water-based ink, etc. To strengthen the development of the green ink test is also a green packaging need to overcome hurdles. Green packaging has become the main melody of the market now, especially in the field of food grade occupied a large proportion. Common value for each production manufacturer.
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