General plastic bags we use several times?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
Ordinary life in the supermarket, we will come back to buy clothes ah, often received a lot of plastic ( Structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) Bag, we in the use of plastic bags which we usually a plastic bags we use several times is discarded plastic bags factory today just to chat with you about plastic bags we will use a few times. Aluminum foil bag, also known as vacuum packaging, is based on the principle of atmospheric pressure, the main purpose of the vacuum bag is oxygen, to help prevent food mildew deterioration. Vacuum packaging is put inside the bag and food of oxygen in cells with pump smoke, lose microbiology & other Environment & throughout; In the process. Food vacuum bag also prevent oxidation, make food not stale, metamorphic to reduce the loss of vitamins A and C. Food Packaging is refers to the direct contact with Food, used for holding and protecting the membrane Food containers, English name is: Food Packaging Pouch, Food Packaging should be with food-grade plastic film production, generally the bags for more than two layers of composite material. Storage in the sack of food need to avoid extrusion, collision, vibration, temperature and so on. Did a q&a, small make up the general clothing shopping bag can use a few times. Vacuum bag packaging materials commonly used double composite thin film or three-layer aluminum composite membrane made of three seal bag. Vacuum packaging machine commonly used outside the cavity and pump type two kinds of models. Our vacuum packing technology is developed in the early eighty s, and vacuum packaging technology in the early ninety s began to use. Plastic bags is essential items in People's Daily life, are often used to hold other items. Because of its cheap, light weight, large capacity, easy to receive the advantages of widely used, but because of the plastic bag with degradation cycle is very long, difficult faults by some countries ban the production and use. The vast majority of interviewers is two to four times, a small number of people only use once is discarded. This indirect illustrates our propaganda consciousness did not reach the designated position, we should pay more attention to repeatedly use the plastic ( Structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) Bag, now the usage of plastic bags for now environmental protection is still generally. Many times should be promoted more then we will use the usage of plastic bags.
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