Exotic goods was 7. 7 liters of canned seal air 129 yuan sell like hot cakes

by:Kolysen     2020-07-02
Recently, two Chinese youth eyeing opportunities in Canada, who created the company, dedicated to China sales canned Canadian Rockies banff fresh air. Although air bottle is only 7. 150 7 liters, just enough to breathe, price is also high to the point of staggering, equivalent to 129 yuan, but this is not a joke, but a lot of people volunteered to pay for this, since the sale this year, the average monthly sales of more than three hundred bottles, has sold 4000 cans of air, new orders are coming. Canned fresh air accident is popular, the first phase of pre-sale products have been sold out, 28 in the delivery; Now accept the second stage of the booking, booking period for 3 weeks. VA JiYiMing d he Air China region market planning director, said the VA d he air mainly through the official website, taobao, WeChat to sell, buyers come mainly from Beijing, Shanghai and some of the city in northeast China. VA d he air formally entered the Chinese market is only two months time, but the sales way, the new 500 sold out in only 4 days, a lot is bought as a gift. For the retail price of VA d his air, JiYiMing said should not drop a lot in the future. “ Because must fetch the gas to the mountains, the artificial, cost such as freight, gas technology. ” She said: & other; VA d he's mission is to put the best quality air into consumers' hands. ” One of the founders of the company Moses Lin said in an interview with the media, at first, he and co-founder puckett put fresh air bags on eBay, it was a prank. But after a month, it sold 99 cents. The second is equipped with air bags are sold at $168. As a result, contributed to they sell air plan. However, before the business has been tepid, until two months ago. At present, because of too hot, and their products have been in short supply. Moses said: Lin & other; Process air bottle long and hard. We have to in banff sit for almost 10 hours to collect the air, and then back to the company, the air into a plastic bottle. ” According to introducing, they specially designed a machine help with compressed air. For some people sell their originally does not need to spend money to buy air ideas, they retorted, & other; The fact is, we have begun to realize the importance of a clean, fresh, pure water, the air also need our attention. Like bottled water, canned air is a sunrise industry, because people realized that it is different from ordinary air. ” According to introducing, part of their revenue will be donated to the Red Cross, to help the British Columbia, Canada, alleviate the forest fire. And according to the who released a global air quality rankings, Canada and Australia in the national and regional air quality ranking tied for third, second only to Estonia and Mauritius. Consumer: want to pay for children to buy air if anyone is willing to pay for the fresh air? Reporter interviewed 25 random citizens, found that only two said they would try to buy, the remaining respondents think buy air & other; It is absurd to & throughout; 、“ Incredible & throughout; 。 For fresh air cost a fortune, is positive, rational or dumb money more people? Reporter saw many buyers comment, & other; Portable oxygen bar, let us in this fog weather breath of pure oxygen, very suitable for carrying. ” “ Very novel products, as a gift for a friend, direct detonate a circle of friends. ” There are consumers pay for their children. For canned air is heated, some netizens believe that this is commercial ideas in the development of society, is skillfully grasp the business opportunities. Also have buyers said the purchase is to figure a fresh, & other; Products in addition to novelty nothing special feeling. ” The net friend & other; Black faith & throughout; Said: & other; Everyone is equal before the air. We can put & lsquo; Sell air & rsquo; As a joke, but you cannot concern in the current environment as a joke. ‘ Sell air & rsquo; Is a kind of business opportunities, but also a warning & ndash; — If he did not pay attention to air pollution control, one day, we will go to the point of even buy air. ” Experts: we should reflect the development pattern yesterday, ma jun, director of the public environmental research center, said in an interview with reporters, if need to purchase the fresh air, if we all efforts, the last is just in order to be able to buy a can breathe the air, that really need to rethink our development model. Air is what we want every time can not, buy fresh air is certainly not a long-term solution, and the canned air is expensive, almost a dollar. We can see it as a more of a performance art, in order to attract attention and reflection to the development model. Ma jun said, fog has spawned masks, purifier development of various industries, it is indisputable fact. But in the long run, however, the core of the work or to reduce emissions, because we cannot live in artificial bubble, wrapped himself completely.
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