Electronic printing plastic bags before why?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Don't know if you have encountered such a situation, custom-built plastic bags, it's easy to rub off or fall, feedback to the plastic bag manufacturer, manufacturer of plastic bags will tell you because there is no electronic. Aluminum foil bag general storage requirements to avoid direct sunlight, and away from fire, under the room temperature is 25 degrees Celsius can save 2 years. Aluminum foil bag, also known as polyamide 66 or nylon 66. Translucent light yellow or milk white opaque resin. Relative density 1. 14 ~ 1. 15, the melting point of 259 ~ 267 ℃. Excellent abrasion resistance, oil resistance, self-lubrication, heat resistance, strength and rigidity is the highest of aliphatic nylon varieties. The tensile strength of 75. 9 ~ 82. 9 mpa, compression strength of 91 mpa, cantilever beam impact strength ( Gap) 4 kj/m, heat deformation temperature ( 1. 82MPa) 75 ℃, R120 hardness, volume resistivity 1015 & Omega; · Cm, the dielectric strength of 35 kv/mm, self-extinguishing. Polycondensation reaction of adipic acid and adipic amine was prepared. But methods such as extrusion, injection molding, blow molding processing. Can strengthen, filling, alloying modification. A large number of used for fiber, tire cord so you know what is electronic? Because plastic bags to the video won't rub off? Electronic is to give the plastic ( Structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) Film ( Thin and soft transparent sheet) Do corona surface treatment, because the plastic film surface is smooth, after some poor adhesion of ink in print, it is easy to fall because of the influence of the outside world. Aluminum foil bag, also known as vacuum packaging, is based on the principle of atmospheric pressure, the main purpose of the vacuum bag is oxygen, to help prevent food mildew deterioration. Vacuum packaging is put inside the bag and food of oxygen in cells with pump smoke, lose microbiology & other Environment & throughout; In the process. Food vacuum bag also prevent oxidation, make food not stale, metamorphic to reduce the loss of vitamins A and C. After handling is electronic electricity airsick, film will have a micro hole, in this way can printing ink adhesion, won't rub off, fall off. Not just the plastic ( Structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) Film, such as metal ( Metal) Plate, metal film, vacuum aluminum plating film, etc, in order to prevent because after rub off fall will also do corona treatment. Plastic bags commonly used food plastic bags are made from polyethylene film, the film non-toxic, it can be used for holding food. There is also a film for PVC, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) itself is non-toxic, but according to the purpose of the thin film additive is often joined by harmful substances to human body, has a certain toxicity. So this kind of film and made of the thin film bag should not be used for holding food.
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