Eight kinds of new type of food packaging materials

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
On the food packaging materials, in recent years there have been some special new packaging materials. These materials are more intelligent, can reflect more value in terms of food packaging. However, due to various reasons, want to quickly spread the use of these materials, there are more difficult. Special material of food packaging plastic 1) Wood powder plastic. Japan science and technology personnel from the pine research developed a kind of wood powder in the plastic packaging materials, by polyol, be obtained from wood powder and then react with isocyanate, resulting in polyurethane. This kind of wood powder plastic thermal ability is extremely strong, and can be biodegradable, can be used to produce heat resistance type bags, etc. 2) Corn plastic. The researchers developed a kind of easy to decompose the corn plastic packaging materials. It is made from corn starch mixed with polyethylene, the integration of plastic is suitable for the production of food packaging bags. The packing can quickly dissolved in water, can avoid contact of pollution sources and fungus poisonous attack. 3) Cole plastic. A rape plastic packaging materials developed by the UK. It is extracted from producing biopolymers bacteria three genes can produce plastic, moved to the rape plant, after a period to produce a plastic polymer fluid, the refined processing a rape plastic can be got. Packaging material made of this plastic processing fast food or food packaging materials, abandoned after decomposition by oneself, no contamination. 4) Wheat is plastic. This is the use of wheat flour mixed drying glycerin, glycol, silicone oil and so on, then through join 150 kz/Id the plasticity of hot-pressing pressure become translucent plastic film, has the advantage of with wheat plastic packaging products, can be made of microorganisms to break down. 5) Soybean plastic. The United States use extracted from soybean protein produced similar plastic food packaging materials, can replace petroleum-based synthetic plastic. This technology is to soybean isolate protein after soaking, grinding, drying, the protein solution to remove the moisture, and then use this kind of protein powder mixed with other ingredients and additives, made from edible film or coating, used in food packaging. They have good strength, moisture resistance and flexibility. 6) Chlorophyll plastic. German scientists invented a after chlorophyll & other; Dyeing & throughout; The plastic film. Green fruit and vegetable food, mostly contains a large number of chlorophyll, the pigment photosensitive oxidation reaction will happen under the light irradiation, decomposition of energy in the food, resulting in food decay. Use plastic film & other chlorophyll in a particular way; Dyeing & throughout; After, through the processing of thin film, used for packing food can be effective, & other; Intercept & throughout; Light food rotting, thus greatly extend the food freshness. 7) Bacteria plastic. British researchers grind slit issued a PHB plastic bacteria. It is to use sugar first developed a bacterium, made by processing similar to polypropylene material. The material non-toxic, and easy to biological decomposition, is an ideal material processing production of food packaging bags, abandoned after no pollution to the environment. 8) Detection bacteria film. This is a special film can detect bacteria, namely in the ordinary food packaging film surface coated with a layer of special coating, make its have the special function of can detect bacteria, such as used for raw cooked meat packaging detection bacteria film, if the packaging of meat is not fresh, harmful bacteria content beyond the food hygiene standards, with this kind of film packaging will make the original transparent colorless packaging film a warning color, make consumers know meat food can not eat.
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