Eight edge-sealing bag how to order? Need to pay attention to?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-25
Before order eight edge-sealing bag, manufacturers need to position their products packaging style and to convey information, such as above this bag: eight edge-sealing bag factory is in guangdong, size 15 x21 + 7 cm, material: pet + vmpet + PE. These are the parameters of the bag bag before must clear the specification, material, thickness and type bag, and according to these data to make design draft packing bags of the designer or manufacturer, can design a few more, to give reference and finalizing the bag. Second, looking for a good packaging plant, closer, and have the time of food factory can find a time to packaging plant, confirm the manufacturer qualification and production level and health level, etc. Distance, can send some similar sample for packaging plant bag to food factory, test and check the packing quality and printing design is good, and so on. Finally, no matter how far or near, want to know whether the logistics packaging transportation, reliable and will not cause damage of packaging bags.
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