Eight edge-sealing bag customized programs

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Eight edge-sealing bag is a kind of composite bags, is named according to the shape of a bag, eight edge-sealing bag, taken out of context is eight sealing side, four at the bottom of the sealing side ends around the two arms. This bag is in recent years the rise of new bag, can also be called & other; Flat bag, square bottom bag, organ zipper bag & throughout; And so on. Now many well-known clothing, apparel, food brands are using the bag type, the typical three squirrel, loulan GanYan, qi thyme, etc. Eight edge-sealing bag because its stereo feeling good, looks show level, widely popular with customers. Today, professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packaging based on eight edge-sealing bag production experience for many years to unscramble eight edge-sealing customized solutions for you. One, the advantage of eight edge-sealing bag 1, stand steady, is advantageous to the shelves, deeply attracted customers eye; 2, a total of eight printing layout, full words describe the product or products to sell, sell products for global use. Product information to show more completely; 3, because the flat open at the bottom of the bag, the bag flat, can yet be regarded as a great show at the bottom of the page; 4, 8 edge-sealing stood straight, is advantageous to the mellow brand display; 5, flexible packaging composite technology, constantly changing material, according to the thickness of a material, moisture and oxygen barrier property, metal effect so that the printing effect, benefit is larger than single box changes; Six, eight edge sealing zipper bag with a repeatable use zipper, customers can to open and close zipper, box is unable to compete; 7, unique shape, pretend, to prevent customers easy to recognize, is advantageous to the branding; 8, multicolor printing, product appearance is exquisite, have very strong promotion effect. 2, eight edge-sealing bag commonly used material 1, double plastic plastic composite film: PET/PE PET/PE, nylon/PE NY/PE applies: general packaging, does not need high temperature cooking, can be transparent display content. 2, double plastic plastic high-temperature cooking membrane: PET/CPP, PET/pp nylon/polypropylene NY/CPP applies: high-temperature cooking, resistant to 110 ℃ More than 120 ℃ high temperature. Can be transparent display content. 3. , three layers of aluminum-plastic composite membrane, PET/AL/PE PET/AL/PE/AL/PE, nylon NY/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/AL/CPP polypropylene nylon/aluminum/polypropylene NY/AL/CPP applies: level on packing, avoid light, does not display the content. Three, eight good eight edge-sealing bag edge-sealing bag order process to determine some of the basic information, including eight side bags material, thickness, bag type, specification and other requirements, it is also a need to know when the other types of packaging customization. For eight edge-sealing bag design, is based on customer demand for designer or bags from manufacturer to design and production. The design, will need to provide information, design themes and elements, etc. Novel and creative design, can attract eyeball, help promote the brand and increase sales. For eight edge-sealing bag of plate making, plate making is directly related to eight edge-sealing bag printing effect, want to create exquisite packaging, it must create fine copperplate printing. Contributions to the process is based on a plan, and the number is decided by the manuscript. In eight edge-sealing bag printing, good version in the future, the copper plate loaded on the printing machine. Eight edge-sealing bag design picture color printing on the first layer material. Color printing quality requirements, can not have off color. To eight edge-sealing bag material for composite substrates, block material, heat sealing materials, such as different role of film composite material together. For eight edge-sealing bag curing curing, composite materials, composite strength is not stable, and can't immediately apply, requirements for curing curing. General in the constant temperature curing chamber - 24 48 hours, make the moisture in viscose, solvent volatilization adequately. Volume classification of eight edge-sealing bag bag, curing well in the future, eight edge-sealing bag custom is almost done.
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