Eight edge-sealing bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
Eight edge-sealing bag is in recent years the rise of the bag type, evolved by self-supporting bag, we referred to as below, “ Throughout eight edge-sealing &; ) Its advantage is, 1. Standing steadily, under the condition of the same size eight edge-sealing bag space capacity is big, is conducive to protect the product from the extrusion deformation. 2. Eight edge-sealing bag has 5 face nine sealing side, the printing content is rich, compared with other type bag layout module is clear, describe comprehensive product information, is good for product promotion and sales. 3. Eight edge-sealing bag type novel, stereo sense is strong, compared with other type bag, give a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh, attention, to contribute to sales. 4. After eight edge-sealing gallas chain, can increase the reusability of the packaging bags. Eight edge sealing material collocation; Generally for PET + PE, BOPP/BOPP/YOPP + YOPP + PET + AL + BOPP/PE YOPP + PET + aluminum + PE kraft paper, aluminium/aluminum plated + PED layout design of the production process; Design -> Plate -> Print -> The compound -> Curing -> Bag -> Inspection -> Shipping note: 1. Size: the size of the eight edge-sealing size at the bottom of the best don't more than 38 cm in length, eight edge-sealing bearing control as far as possible through the experiment in 10 kg, because eight edge-sealing bearing mainly at the bottom of the bag, bearing is not very good, increase the intensity of composite after improvement is not big, the main problem in the eight edge sealing structure. 2. Plate number: eight edge-sealing bag printing is on the back and bottom printing at the same time, the two sides also printing, so the eight edge-sealing bag each packing need to make gravure two sets of ( If the two sides is just a blank registering) , so when advising clients to design side as far as possible with fewer colors, generally not more than three colors, the design in the back and the bottom is more information. Eight edge-sealing bag in the back plate number of individually made registering, two side individually made registering, combined plate making the total number. 3. Side printing: in the process of bag making dimensional deviation is inevitable, if it is full of printing, sealing side may seal to the content of the printing. So in the design to consider the distance of edge banding, improve the fault tolerance of the packaging bags.
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