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by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Suddenly became popular a few years ago South Korea and China Taiwan's mask now has become a skin care products essential to many women, many of the people who travel to South Korea or Taiwan province of China will also buy the mask as hand letter, and the popularity of the mask, the mask packaging used up idea, cartoon, illustration, letter themes emerge in endlessly, let a person even the packaging to lose after using it! The new mask packaging design has won the hearts of consumers. “ The big red hat and ono Wolf & throughout; Mask packaging Taiwan idol drama 'the big red hat and ono Wolf' after the broadcast, China Taiwan Maskingdom mask, introduce you to the salute to the popular stage show. This illustration version & other; The big red hat and ono Wolf & throughout; Mask series, with the illustration of the mask of fairy tale type bags and also carry on the back of the gold, the fans don't pay darling is difficult. In addition, this face film paper thin, USES the is & other; Contact the mask & throughout; Production of natural silk cloth, and film palm, make skin, moisturizing and whitening design is one of the ace. This brand of facial mask in a variety of illustration packaging, more hot & depicts all kinds of fashion women's face on the other; Will raider & throughout; Series, as well as the main ingredient flowers, made of herbaceous peony, ziwei flowers do raw materials & other Flowers gathering & throughout; Mask packaging series are depicted the image of a variety of flowers, looks quite a feast for the eyes. Letters to piece together to sentences in South Korea, there are a series of letters of facial mask often out of stock. 26 mask A to Z, such as the letter was written on the packaging of the mask on the package also decorated with fresh flowers, vegetables and so on, if A heart can also use letters to piece together A simple words, such as & other; 我爱你” Such as a gift. But, in fact this mask is not merely a series of letters in the print on the packaging as simple letters, each letter represents the package mask contains ingredients, sums up five types, including moisture, repair, bright white, calm and anti-wrinkle, etc. This kind of mask packaging design is quite a character. Anniversary of the limited edition humor gore has produced a island parity mask many eyebrow in the United States are used. This brand of facial mask has a history of over 10 years, and 10 anniversary of the launch of the limited edition series also invited a native island illustrator design, style of humor, & other; Don't be shy again & throughout; 、“ You can beat me & throughout; All sorts of cartoon theme, such as its composition, joined the Taiwan province of China of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as penghu, towel gourd, alishan blossom, etc.
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