Customized plastic bags some matters need attention

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
Custom plastic bags are many food manufacturers have to do, plastic bags is a kind of plastic flexible packaging bags, are common in our daily life, such as shopping in the supermarket saw a are packed in the plastic after selling ninety percent of food. Many manufacturing plastic bags for the first time customers don't know the material of plastic bags. What is the advantage of the plastic material? Below together to made the brief analysis of plastic bags need to be aware of related matters, hope you to help: plastic bags order to note the following: 1, two-way stretching polypropylene BOPP high transparency, tensile resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, 40 degrees, 120 degrees; 2, two-way stretch polypropylene extinction film: reflection of light, translucent, and the extinction of membrane; 3, cast polypropylene CPP: burnish, transparent, heat sealing, high temperature casting film is suitable for cooking and packaging; 4, polyethylene PE: transparency, good gloss, heat sealing, cold tolerance; 5, polyester film, PET: stretching resistance, 60 150 - degree heat resistance, air tightness is good, suitable for cooking, no heat sealing; 6, food sack colorless, high transparency, cold resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant. Easy to moisture absorption, heat sealing. When using plastic bags know that plastic bag is made from a single material composite materials, such as compound OPP CPP, this combination is very suitable for small food packaging, it has high brightness, good transparency, beautifully printed, moisture, oxygen. Custom plastic packaging bags need to understand the characteristics of the material, to find suitable for product packaging.
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