Customized bag usually in what?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-15
Customized bag usually in what? Plastic bag there are generally two kinds of measurement methods: 1. According to the kilograms ( kg) Sales 2, namely according to the weight. According to the quantity ( A) Calculate the amount and customized bag in general. So why general with kg plastic bag, and for the unit? Because general plastic bag manufacturers have two different business model or quotation mode. Some plastic bags manufacturer's business model is the production of standard common bag, and sell at wholesale, wholesale price is calculated according to kg; Other plastic bag manufacturer's business model is the only production of customized products, specializing in the production of custom plastic bags, many procedure Shared by a number is better to calculate the price, therefore the manufacturer of customized bag in number commonly. Of course, there are a few custom plastic bag manufacturers use the weight to calculate the price and sales. About the customized bag 1 why the customized bag price calculated on the basis of the number is better? Because in the bag, the bag is through keen knife or cold knife from the film into a plastic bag, and the different thickness of the size of the plastic bag material, machine production speed is different also, so the price allocation to each bag would be better to calculate some. And sometimes the printing area is complicated and large, according to kg to sell this unit may be at a loss. At the same time at the time of cost and profit calculation will be more good statistics. Plastic bag production: 2, which is the good factory customized bag? Is specializing in the production of customized bag manufacturers, specializing in the production of various kinds of PE bag, PO bag, PP bag, CPE bag, PPE bag, etc. , including the zipper bag, as self-adhesive bags, tote bags, flat pockets, etc. Is famous for its quality and service, from since its establishment 20 years, service enterprises more than 500 large and small, the production of more than 1 billion plastic bags, made many contributions to the industry development. Customized bag manufacturer: ENDPE/PO/PP/PVC/CPE/PPE/OPP/EVA
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