Custom vacuum bags, must know that the three main factors of!

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
1 prices vacuum bags, vacuum bags need to be calculated according to the specifications of the product price, specific include: size, material, thickness, design printing area. So to get the most accurate price, we must provide the corresponding parameters. The minimum quantity of an order for 2 minimum quantity vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging bags minimum quantity related to raw materials, such as our vacuum bags is nylon composite high pressure, so the nylon 6000 meters is the minimum quantity of this material, so we must, in accordance with the minimum quantity of 6000 metres. According to the length of the size, and layout to calculate the minimum quantity of an order for us, for example, our packaging is 31 cm * 25, so we can for single row layout, minimum quantity of 6000 m / 0. 31m≈ Is 19000, minimum quantitative estimation algorithm, and finally the number number generally lower than expected. Demand for larger cases can make double layout, choose the number 19000 * 2 & asymp; 38000. General minimum for one coil. 3 quality security vacuum bags of quality and safety: the safety of vacuum packaging is a requirement of vacuum packing bag factory to us, strict requirements of safety film raw materials; Strict with the use of safe ink printing; Strict with our manufacturer production environment health, ensure the safety of vacuum packing bag factory.
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