Custom make tea bags with other existing version can

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
Online, we often meet with the customer asked a question, & other; Custom make tea bags with other existing version can? ” The answer is & other; Can not throughout the &; 。 Why not possible? Custom tea bags, that is to say, each part can change, including LOGO, composite film layer ( Thickness) Type, size, bag and so on. Such thinking inertia, we would think that with other existing version of revising is feasible, it also save a part of the version. As is known to all, custom packaging version fee, because we are now the packing bag of all use gravure printing production technology, and major advantages of gravure printing is tinted precise and clear thick printing content, high rate of printing, printing speed, suitable for mass production. Drawback is that the version is more expensive, plate-making process complex has certain process cycle. To customize a design, must according to the size, bag type, printing content, etc. , customize a set of exclusive version, like a carved seal, has uniqueness. Step back, if two of the specifications of the bag, so the existing version of the same does not apply, not computer printing. In short, the problem of custom tea bags have the version and change the version of the problem of people, mainly the existing bottleneck caused by the printing technology, with the continuous development of industry, the future there will be a good alternative, production technology, technology will be more and more mature and stable. Information about the tea bags common material collocation! 》
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