Cosmetics packaging common bag type and application plan, let you more understand the packing

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Composite bags is to put the different characteristics of plastic film with special adhesive composite made of heat sealing, together to beat a single film inherent defects. Today, composite bags has a very wide range of USES, professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packaging is to interpret the dress-up product packaging common type bag and utilization planning. A common bag, cosmetic bag type 1, 3 edge-sealing bag this is the most widely used composite bags, is a primary packaging method of one-time daily chemical products, widely used in washing powder, shampoo and dress-up product packaging, etc. 2, special bags break traditional shape, the enterprise can be at leisure planning of the shape of the product packaging, more conducive to promote the products. Special bags can make different products, widely used in all kinds of cosmetic products disposable packaging and promotion. 3, the mouth of liquid self-supporting bag with the mouth self-reliance bags, combined with the interests of the two layers of plastic containers and flexible packaging, not only light environmental protection, but also easy to dump, conducive to filling, repeated features such as storage and shelf put beautiful, broke the flexible packaging has been only as a bottle of compensation and the limitations of the disposable packing. This self-supporting bag has two kinds of oblique mouth, mouth and mouth way. Oblique mouth is mouth welding at oblique Angle, usually to the large volume of more than 300 ml. And straight mouth is mouth welded at the top, usually used for packing small capacity. Mouth liquid self-supporting bag, the bag made similar to the mouth Angle of the shape, facilitate the dumping and filling, is improved way of compensation and the disposable packing. In addition, there are easy to dump of special-shaped self-reliance bag. 4, post bone bone zipper bags, zipper bag packaging way for cosmetic packaging new fashion, especially in the field of clothing packaging, sealing functions of this kind of packing way for its excellence and repeatable characteristics such as open and loose permeable mall. Now more and more dress-up product packing also choose paste bone zipper bag packaging method, makes the product use convenience and produces power of got larger distances. Two composite bags, cosmetic bags commonly used material structure the common structure of the paper/plastic composite, plastic/plastic composite, aluminium/plastic composite, etc. Composite base material layer can be so two layer, three, four, five layers or more. 二层:PET/PE、PET/CPP、OPP/CPP、OPP/PE、BOPA /CPP、BOPA /PE、PET/VMCPP、OPP/VMCPP; 三层:聚酯/ BOPA /聚乙烯,聚酯/ BOPA / CPP,聚酯/铝/聚乙烯,聚酯/铝/ CPP, OPP / AL / PE, PET / VMCPP / PE、OPP VMPET / PE、纸/ AL /聚乙烯; 四层:PET/AL/ BOPA /PE、PET/AL/PET/PE、BOPA /AL/ BOPA /PE、PET/MPET/PE/EVA; Five layers: PET/AL/PET/AL/PE, PET/AL/BOPA/AL/PE, PET/PE/AL/EVA/PE, etc. The layers of the primary functions are: outer layer ( The intensity of support layer) : protecting, structure, printing adornment effect (such as PET, BOPP, paper) ; In the middle, Function layer) : general barrier effect ( AL、MPET、BOPA) ; The inner layer ( Heat sealing layer) : the general heat sealing effect ( LLDPE,LDPE,CPP) The practical application, the assumption is that the physical functions of product demand is not too serious, the structure may be only the outer and inner layer. Dress-up category bags, for example, are usually demand excellence excellent chemical resistance function and the blocking function, the structure of the commonly used are: PET/AL/PE, OPP/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/PE, etc. Composite bags can be used for food packaging, metal packaging, electronic products, daily necessities packaging, clothing, etc. They have one thing in common, that is, to color printing plastic film should be, and as a food packaging and multi-layer composite or vacuum aluminum plating process operation, etc. Therefore, plastic film looks at leisure to higher requirements, wet tension, for printing ink, adhesives or aluminized layer and healthy and vigorous adhesive plastic film; In plastic film produced in the process of winding and high-speed packaging, insist on film appearance must avoid film adhesion or skid resistance function; When used in electrical appliances, electronic products such as packaging, insist on thin film has surely anti-static function, and so on.
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