Corn packaging process of machining process

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Generally speaking, we at the time of packing on corn, mainly divided into the following steps:

raw material acceptance - skin - to miscellaneous to hierarchical arrangement to washing, cooking, cooling and drain to vacuum packing, sterilization cooling to check the packing, warehousing storage.

among them, the more important to have the following several parts:

1, cooking, need to use water for cooking, until fully ripe corn, it takes about 20 minutes.

2, packaging, packaging of link we need to ensure products can do vacuum packing.

3, sterilization, cooling, packaging is completed, need for high temperature sterilization products.

link also needs to pay attention to the packing corn:

1, the corn in the packaging, to keep the mouth clean, corn don't run into mouth, otherwise it will cause the bag sealing is not strong, easy to fracture during high temperature sterilization.

2, sealing, to ensure the smooth mouth, there can be folded.

3, after wrapping, keep dry bag.

4, when pumping air into vacuum state, to ensure that smoke clean, no air.

5, after high temperature sterilization, can't immediately put products into freezing refrigerator, to place at room temperature, cooling before not happen bulge bag can be frozen, otherwise need to packaging or discarded.

6, corn into the package, to dry the moisture on the vacuum bag, otherwise there will be water vapor produced after bagging.

7, outer packing to use thicker, more strong, in order to avoid damage during transit.

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