Compound bag is food grade or industrial grade?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
For food grade and industrial grade on the material composition, the main difference is that the use of additives, the main raw material is the same. Such as food packaging factory in produce bags is in sealing add openings agent, and the printing ink used in the design meets the standard to achieve food grade not harmful to human body. When we are in the use of food packaging, if there is a smell smell, see there are powder, impurities, etc. , that bag is basically substandard will cause harm to human body, the reason is the participation on the material used for banned substances or banned substances. We first to get to know the development of the packaging, so far has experienced four stages obviously: the original bags, big bags, small bags stage, and is gradually into the ( Green environmental protection) A new stage of packaging bags. Along with the development of commodity economy, packaging of goods position is becoming more and more significant, say you have again good products without a good packaging, your product is not a successful commodity, packaging is all goods cannot leave, widely used products. Food packing bag factory can put the different characteristics of composite material together, the production of bags have different characteristics and purposes. Such as air permeability, moisture permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, resistance to drugs, make it play a insect-resistant, dustproof, prevent microbes, such as light, sweet, smelly smell of insulated, as well as heat, cold resistant, impact resistance, better mechanical strength and processing performance, and have good printing and decoration effect. Next look at the compound bag what is the difference between in food and industry: 1, on food compound bag, compound bag printing press production and processing technology for food compound bag has the following characteristics: high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, etc. Compound after joining lining plastic film bag, can effectively prevent the products in bags, wet. 2, industrial compound bag, compound bag on industrial mainly some elements to exceed bid, not environmental protection, is mainly used in electronics, resistance, hardware accessories, etc. Main products.
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