Compound bag detection method have?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Compound bag with good barrier property, heat sealing, moisture resistance, and acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, and is widely used in food packaging. With the increasing of soft packing compound bag quality requirements, to detect the quality of compound bag packaging enterprises is becoming more and more attention. Plastic bag manufacturers will be combined with practice, the compound bag product testing method to make a summary, hope to help peers. 1. Appearance visual inspection appearance visual inspection including compound bag flatness, check of transparency and so on. Is mainly used for detecting compound bag surface had obvious scratch and pinhole, etc. My company has a set of more perfect appearance inspection method, specific as follows. ( 1) Aim the compound bag placed between hands, 40 w fluorescent lamp gently shaking, through the reflection on the surface of the compound bag, can be clearly found whether there is a scratch or mark on the surface of compound bag, the industry is often referred to as & other; Bag surface drawing & throughout; 。 ( 2) Compound bag flatness check. Specific method is: to extract several Zhang Chengpin bags & other proof; Air-to-ground & throughout; Cast down, make its natural floor ( The place is clean) To observe compound bag after landing. ( 3) Appearance visual inspection include inspection of transparency. Some products due to the large area without pattern, transparency is particularly important. Compound bag manufacturer transparency detection method is: extracting a finished bag, through the indoor light observation indirectly, if the margins have & other; Pitting & throughout; 、“ Ring & throughout; 、“ Mist & throughout; Wait for a phenomenon, explain transparency is poor, and vice showed good transparency. 2. Sealing detection pincer-like device or sex slightly small crack, has a slight negligence in the visual inspection will be for food buried hidden trouble of leakage in the future, so the compound bag sealing seal check is very necessary. Compound bag manufacturers commonly used method is: will spray a kind of surfactant with dye added to the sealing, observe its through it or not, if the dye color through the pincer-like device, then sealed performance is not good, opposite to conform to the requirements of the sealing quality. 3. Seal strength testing for the seal strength testing purpose is to observe compound bag pincer-like device to withstand much content, in order to avoid quality accident. Compound bag manufacturer seal strength testing the general method is: will be the test of compound bag sealing and cutting the 15 mm long, wide in Instr40n materials tester ( 300± 20) Mm/min speed to determine the sealing strength, general compound bag sealing strength should reach 22 ~ 34 n / 15 mm.
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