Compound aluminum foil bag production technology breakthrough into innovation drive - Aluminum foil bag

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
Since reform and opening-up, our country although compound aluminum foil bag obtained fast development, but the problem is still a lot of, the domestic compound aluminum foil bag few technology content and high quality manufacturers, and mostly stay in low level. Compared with foreign similar products, whether in the production of mechanical development level of technical content and application promotion is unsatisfactory in market distribution, domestic compound aluminum foil bag is only slightly better in the low-standard market, and almost all upscale market dominated by foreign products. Except some specializing in the production of compound aluminum foil bag manufacturers, domestic universities and research institutes are involved in the development and production of compound aluminum foil bag believe that relying on universities and research institutes of scientific research strength. 【 Aluminum foil bags 】 The development and production of domestic compound aluminum foil bag in the near future there will be a major breakthrough. Along with the compound aluminum foil bag, increasing the size of the market, the increasing of product variety is various, the increasing of compound aluminum foil bag manufacturers, production automation degree unceasing enhancement, market demand for the compound aluminum foil bag is in constant expansion. Compound aluminum foil bag to foothold in the international market in our country, not just rely on the development of advanced technology, we also need to intensify efforts to change to the equipment to conduct a comprehensive new, again make equipment technology, automation technology comprehensively, from set out actually, the introduction of technology at the same time, independent innovation, so as to produce suitable equipment market demand at home and abroad.
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