Composite vacuum bag how to solve the problem of composite finished product bond not firm?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
Composite vacuum bag how to solve the problem of composite finished product bond not firm? Have client before meet composite packaging sticky rickety, caused a lot of scrap. In fact with the equipment performance is not directly related. General composite finished product bond not firm mainly process out of the question. Analyzing the following three reasons and corresponding solutions were listed: ( 1) Glue quantity is too little, or part of the base material, surface coating adhesives can lead to compound with two base material is difficult to fit. Solution: increase amount of glue, we can use the net hole deeper anilox roll, or by increasing the rubber roller pressure and reduce the scraper and anilox roll contact pressure to increase the amount of coating on the surface of the base material. For some plastic film base material, can undertake corona treatment prior to coating, make its surface raising HP, thus improve the ability of the substrate adsorption adhesives, make its surface glue quantity increase. ( 2) Drying temperature too high or too low, will affect the bond fastness of composite membrane. Coating base material is dry when the heating temperature is too high or after high temperature cooking, can make the surface layer of adhesive is carbonized, compressive ability of undermining adhesives. The drying temperature is too low, curing incomplete, adhesives, adhesive viscosity is poorer, composite rickety and after a period of time, liable to form bubbles, composite membrane damage of the composite quality. Solution: in the process of drying, strictly control the composite machine running speed and temperature, also can choose cooking resistance high temperature resistant and good adhesive, so as to adapt to high temperature baking, for example. Choose three da card polyurethane adhesives ( 3) Composite machine composite uneven pressure or composite roller pressure on both ends. This will cause composite membrane surface wrinkles, after composite folds formed an empty tunnel, affecting the bond fastness product solution: increase composite pressure appropriately to improve the bonding force of composite. In addition, in order to improve the quality of the bond effect and composite membrane dairy packaging, try to avoid foreign bodies, dust and other debris adhesion on the adhesive or the base material compound on the surface.
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