Composite packaging testing analysis material

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
Such as multilayer composite vacuum bag/lu: su composite packaging material processing bags, after exposure to harsh environment or affected by moisture and different environment, the composite layer are likely to be damaged. So in order to meet our composite material, need to test for composite membrane layer, validation for the material we satisfied. So the higher the strength of flexible packaging composite vacuum bag composite, the better, can prevent composite layer from adhesive of high value, but the cost of production will increase. Is to achieve the requirements of the composite, and save the cost, this will require the quality of the composite film composite layer testing analysis, in order to find the proper conditions of composite. 1. Sample preparation of composite material such as vacuum bag film sample size for wide ( 15. 0 + 0. 1) Mm, 200 mm long. 2. Sample preparation of the sample width direction at both ends to remove 50 mm, longitudinal and lateral sample evenly along the sample width direction to take the 5. The compound is in the longitudinal direction. Along the sample length direction to spin out the compound layer and base material in advance, 50 mm, be peeling parts shall not have obvious damage. If the sample is not easy to peel, the sample can be 20 mm at one end into the appropriate solvent processing, stay solvent volatilization completely, the stripping force experiment was carried out. If composite layer through the processing, cannot be separated from base material, the test shall not, directly obtain the report. 3. Should be in state of adjustment and test environment sample temperature ( 23 + 1) ℃, relative humidity 45% ~ 55% of the environment placed more than 4 h, and then tested in the environment. 4. Test speed selection ( 300 + 50) mm/min; 5. Test steps will test strip away part of the ends of the clamp on the testing machine, the jig, respectively make sample strip away part of the center for longitudinal and upper and lower clamp attachment overlap, and the consistence. Test, did not remove the part and drawing direction show T line, start the machine, the machine real-time display strength and test in the process of stripping off curve. Automatically after the test is based on the curve shape test, calculating the arithmetic average to Newton ( N) As the unit. In the test more than three layer or three layer composite structure, from which layer, the first order? Standards are not clearly defined, so after such test results not only indicate the peel strength, and to indicate the phenomenon appeared in the process of test. Huge amount of multilayer tests showed that the composite film peel strength between the layers is different, no relevant regulations of the state, enterprises can according to the actual situation of their enterprise standard test method. General principle is on the same sample may not be stripped at all levels at the same time making a test, multi-layer composite membrane stripping the intermediary shall prevail.
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