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by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
Compound food bag need to check the packaging appearance. Visual inspection depending on whether the bag has obvious scratch; If there is a pinhole; Whether there is any pollution; Whether the seal specifications. Compressive strength and burst strength test. And strength and rupture strength method is to use heavy extrusion method, in the bag on the table, then add weight, after the last minute, form and leak vacuum packing bag is lost for the first time. There are food compound bag vacuum packing material performance directly affect the storage life of food and the food tastes. In a vacuum packaging, packaging material of choice is the key to success or not. Main materials from the vacuum packing food packaging materials, compound bag, or the classification of the material is necessary, by vacuum packing: PE low temperature, high temperature cooking RCPP make; Second, durability performance; The third, aluminum foil is to increase the blocking performance, increase the mechanical strength. Then according to the needs, combined with a variety of performance, in order to increase the use of the blocking performance waterproof polyvinyl alcohol high barrier coating. Four levels of PA/PE, PA/PE, PET/RCPP RCPP. Common composite membrane are PE ( Polyethylene film) - 25 microns in thickness 150 microns, the CPP ( Cast polypropylene film) Thickness can be adjusted freely, VMPET ( Aluminium coated polyester film) The thickness of the commonly used for 12 microns, VMCPP ( Vacuum aluminum plating cast polypropylene) Thickness can be adjusted freely, AL ( The full name of Aluminum foil) 7 microns thickness is commonly, some printing film can also be used in the middle as a composite membrane, such as PET and Nylon BOPA film.
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