Composite packaging material how to choose

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
Composite food packaging material is composed of 2 to 4 layers of plastic composite, packaging material collocation is needs to have certain experience of professionals, to within the scope of the budget of the effective combination collocation gives the most cost-effective materials. We first introduce the first floor of food packaging materials: one, the outer outer main function is to display and promote both printing layer copy information, generally have BOPP ( Bright film) BOPP ( Inferior smooth or extinction) 宠物( White film) Nylon ( White film) People know that the contract done bag also write the thickness of the material above, BOPP is the most widely used, most of the supermarket bag is BOPP printing. Vacuum material printing film PET and ( PA) Nylon, tea packaging, the use of vacuum PET more because of the large cheaper than nylon, nylon used on water or cooking bags, general chicken, bean curd, some cooked food such as large by 90 ℃ to 120 ℃ high temperature sterilization are using nylon, of course is high temperature resistant ink printing ink. Second, among the middle layer material generally have a PET, PET ( Aluminum plating) And the aluminum foil. 宠物( Aluminum plating) And aluminum foil, their role is to increase the bag sealing performance and beautiful, like potato chips bag nitrogen and nuts inside deoxidizer are is to use PET - Aluminum plating) To increase the tightness. Aluminum foil material is completely shading, high temperature resistant, now many are using aluminum foil bag material, personally, I prefer to use aluminum foil material, reasons for aluminum foil barrier property and air tightness is very high, after a long time storage products taste will not change. Aluminum foil material have drawbacks, however, is to be squeezed back pocket type not beautiful have crease, believe that the aluminum foil in the future this kind of material will be accepted by more and more consumers. In addition, The restaurant's paper grilled fish, etc) of the silver aluminum foil paper is used Three, heat sealing layer heat sealing layer is the layer of material, can abandon the middle tier. These materials have PE, CPP, these two are the most common, as long as the packing bag of composite class has the have these two kinds of material. Two materials that have a lot of functional too much, PE sub-chamber of sterilization of call 90 degrees, 120 degrees of sterilization is called cooking CPP. There will be high transparent PE, resistance to freezing PE. ) is more under the normal use of PE, which is based on uncertain sales to advise customers, products are sold to the north, if not with PE, it is easy to break and crack. CPP material also can actually achieve this function, but it's too unstable, also for future after appear broken packages and rift put an end to such events.
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