Composite food packaging film fat from what are the reasons?

by:Kolysen     2021-01-26
Today is a sunny day, small make up again to mend them. You boss is encountered this kind of situation, the surface of composite food packaging film horizontal wrinkles, especially the ends of the drum. Then what caused composite food packaging film surface hair wrinkle? Together and see it? 1, material, adhesive at the beginning of the viscous force is insufficient; Base material surface tension. Volume 2, process, two kinds of basement membrane tension does not adapt, one is too big, one is too small. For example: BOPP/al composite, such as BOPP tension is too large, bake, heating, elongated, AI tension can't be large, and elongation of small, after composite, BOPP cooling contraction causes the aluminum foil protuberant, transverse a a 'tunnel'; Glue quantity is insufficient, uneven, viscous force combined with poor, cause local place wrinkles; Winding tension is small, not tight, compound after flabby phenomenon, offer to shrink the base material of contraction. If the winding tension, and wide roll tension, tightly rolled compaction, the plane to the curing chamber immediately after curing, even if process some don't adapt to, also won't appear wrinkles; Oven temperature is too low and not ventilated, dry too much residual solvent adhesives is insufficient, lack of cohesion in the early, gives two kinds of basal membrane displacement. The above is the basic reason, have learned to you boss? Learn to quickly to find out why! ! ! ! Specializing in the production of composite food packaging film for 20 years, has experienced production team, what else do you worry about? Order composite food packaging film is looking for!
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