Composite bags white spots or printed false what reason be

by:Kolysen     2020-07-12
The end of the year with the increase of the order, the manufacturer of the pressure is relatively large, especially the quality, we have to ensure timely delivery of goods to the customer, also want to ensure its quality. Often at this time we are all full load operation of production equipment. When the equipment failure rate will increase, especially in the printing presses, composite machine. Packaging prone to fly wire, white spots, a dirty, poor color problem. By the analysis of specific reason for everyone. 1. Check whether the ink scraper pressure is reduced when the ink scraper reduced pressure, print will appear the phenomenon such as knife, knife line. So you need to adjust the Angle of the scraper device and pressure. 2. Printing film adhesion problem printing film and the surface tension of the electrostatic size will directly affect the printing effect, when the surface tension of less than 35 dyn ( Up to print) , ink adhesion, static coefficient too easy to cause boards, leading to the white dots, leakage. 3. Insufficient pressure problem if printing pressure or uneven, packing and printing layout have poor contact, ink adhesion, easy to produce the printing colors and print quality sticky dirty. 4. To ink device problem when circle degree difference or the ink fountain iron roller wear deformation, ink fountain steel plate will be wear deformation, and control the ink fountain roller rotation institutional flaws, make the printing process of lose of ink is not stable, lead to the generation of printing color difference. In addition, attention should be paid to the reasonable adjustment to ink device, ink fountain of ink will comprehensively increase or reduce the throughput, there are two kinds of control mode, it is through adjust the ink fountain sheet steel and ink transfer ( To ink) Iron roller clearance to implement; The second is through adjusting the size of the ink transfer iron roller rotation curve.
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