Communicate with our manufacturer should pay attention to what details?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
Communicate with our manufacturer should pay attention to what details? Release date: 2020 06 - 01 in receive consulting clients when we found that many clients can't express myself clear all details of products, summed up the following case paper-plastic packaging manufacturer. The customers have been asking the prices of plastic bags when we tend to ask more detail, mainly includes the following aspects: 1) Size: the size of the dimension should be accurate, if the customer said, about 20 centimeters high, wide is probably more than 30 and 40! These inaccurate data, would result in different prices! 2) Thickness: the thickness of this factor is key, such as the same size of plastic bags, three wire and wire prices almost doubled! 3 wire and 20 wire is the relationship between several times! But the customer for the thickness of the conceptual more bad! Said: almost a thickness and XXX! ! ! ! And XXX is similar to the thickness of the bag, thinner than this point, but for people who do not know, through the handle is difficult to determine the thickness of the plastic film! 3) Style: the style is also important for products, flat pocket, easy to buckle handbags, bags, these can directly use the machine to produce plastic bag style, price is a little cheaper! The style of the special price will be higher! 4) Raw material: new materials, and then, add the reworked material and so on, the price will be different! 5) Printing: printing we ask more detail! If a few color printing, a few what color printing, printing and so on! Monochrome printing need to do a version of the two color printing need to do two versions, the prices of plastic bags is different! If you have special color printing such as silver, gold and so on the price also will be different! 6) Quantity: some customers say: you don't ask quantity, first you quote first! Q number, there are two reasons, one is: we are the manufacturer, there is a certain minimum quantity, is less than the minimum quantity can't production, some can be dozens of hundreds of bags, how can we produce? Because it has a lot to do with the price! We have no spot, are producing now! One thousand and ten thousand nearly equal debug machine used in waste! You said the number is important? In an article: the difference between the aluminum foil bag packing next article: how to solve the vacuum bags sticky?
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