Common plastic bag material summary

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Common plastic bag material summary release date: 2020 - 05 - 12 enterprises friends want printed plastic bags, usually for the plastic bag material is not clear, only know that in general, common, general outside these claims, but the ordinary plastic bag material also has many kinds, the following analysis of common plastic bag material for everybody have? Ordinary plastic material generally divided into PE bag, PP material, PP, OPP, etc. Material: PE is divided into high pressure ( LDPE) And low pressure ( HDPE) High pressure appearance look more smooth, soft, toughness is better, many bag raw materials are made of high material, a lot of product outer packing all use high pressure is expected to do, and packaging specifications of large industrial use. Low pressure material tension is good, hardness is higher, is widely used in shopping mall, all kinds of procurement market. Most supermarket plastic bags are produced by low material. The easiest way to distinguish between high and low voltage, by hand, produce white mark proved to be low pressure, because of low pressure is high density, so will produce white mark, no white marks produced tension is generally high pressure very well. PP: material body is hard, but the transparency is higher, more clear, the tension is not very good, and explosive. Most used for gift packaging, and finished goods clothing sales, we buy new clothes have a plastic bag packaging and with a layer of double-sided adhesive sealing product that is usually the Po plastic bags. PP plastic bags are very transparent, feels too slippery, but very hard body noise is very big and very brittle, fold it up and there will be a crease, PE bag, no. Because of good transparency, so look class gift packaging is high. OPP material: material is the most fragile, the highest transparency, tension is not enough, but the most explosive, and the easiest decoloring printing. If there is no gap is hard to tear, but there is a little bit of gap tear strength with can be anything. In an article: how to design the plastic bags? Next article: select the advantages of aluminum foil bags
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