Common food flexible packaging - on the market Bag type!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
Three autoregulating, or three sealing side, is composed of two Zhang Fuge film laminating sealing three sides, only leave a mouth, therefore calls three edge sealing. Generally used in packing sheet products, granular products, stationery products, and the massive products. Three edge sealing tightness is good, so often used in the vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bags, vacuum bags, rice mask bag and so on 3-side sealing bag also called back sealing bag, packing bag on both sides of the edge sealing without sealing side, back in the middle there is a sealing side, therefore is called back sealing bag. Two side sealing bag back edge banding pattern printing is complete, so appearance than three edge sealing is beautiful! Application range is wide, including dumplings bag, instant noodle seasoning bags, candy bags, packaging bags, such as back four edge sealing or four sealing side sealing bag, like two pieces of film together for the four autoregulating, resembling the organ bags, four edge-sealing bag look stereo effect is good, the cube is shown after packaging products, fully use of the packing space, particularly crispy food, filling the nitrogen is not only the taste of food can be preserved for a long crisp, also can protect the food appearance is not damaged. Has reached a new shape when the effect of color available! Unique four edge-sealing bag design, can effectively prevent the blowout, new printing technology, outstanding graphic design and brand effect, can design special trademark or design, have very good anti-counterfeit effect. More outstanding product high grade and different shelves effect. Four edge-sealing bag are used for packaging powder food, nuts, dried fruit and tea and other products. Four edge-sealing bag organ bag with gusset is common on both sides of the edge of the flat bag to bag the body surface to fold into the form, will originally openings into open rectangular oval bag and because, after the folding edge on either side of the bag like tuyere leaves, but it is closed, so it will be a name to this bag with gusset. Reduced the covers an area of space. The original flat pockets on either side of the inner fold, reduced on both sides of the leakage, thus reducing the packaging covers an area of space. The packing is beautiful. Flat pockets through revision, the open the oval opening bag instead of a rectangular shape, which is saturated with, is close to the shape of a cuboid printing content must be rich than flat pockets, on the organ bag can print all kinds of exquisite patterns and text, such as company logo and introduction, nutrition ingredient and so on organ self-reliance self-reliance bag bag bag is a bottom does not rely on any support open bags or not can stand of flexible packaging. Is a relatively new form of packaging, improve product class, strengthening the shelves visual effect, portable, convenient use, preservation and sealing, etc. Is widely used in food, agricultural products, electronic products, cosmetics, washing supplies, medical supplies and so on product packaging. Derived for self-supporting bag according to the function has a common self-supporting bag, with a suction nozzle self-reliance bag, zippered self-reliance bags, imitation mouth self-reliance eight edge-sealing bag, special-shaped self-reliance self-reliance bag bag that there are eight sealing side, the bag is a new bag of nearly two years rise, eight edge-sealing stereo feeling good standing steadily, with a total of eight printing layout, adequate place to describe the product or language product sales, product promotion for the use of global sales. Unique appearance, but beware of fake, consumers easily recognize, is advantageous to the brand building, has a strong promotion effect. Products elegant appearance but also deeply to attract consumers eyeball; Eight edge sealing zipper bag with reusable zipper, consumers can to open and close zipper, box is unable to compete. Commonly used in leisure food, health food products, agricultural products, chemical products and other products packaging. Eight edge-sealing bag heterotypic bag in addition to the above bag type, type and irregular shape of the bag. The shape of the bag is to simulate real, or abstract cartoon characters, etc. There are all kinds of heterotypic bag, mainly according to the bag type and the function to distinguish: such as self-supporting heterotypic bag, suction nozzle heterotypic bag, dried fruit shaped bag and so on. Independent alien suction nozzle bag bag of alien 【 Food bag] 【 Food packaging 】
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