Choose food plastic wrap should pay attention to?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Choose food plastic wrap should pay attention to? Release date: 2019 05 - 05 food plastic wrap and food bags, become indispensable items in people's life. According to understand, at present there are three types of plastic wrap, is a kind of polyethylene ( PE) And the other is polyvinyl chloride, PVC) There are a polyvinylidene chloride ( PVDC) 。 Among them, in the supermarket procurement of waste big local is packed in PE cling film, advantages of moisture resistance, good air permeability, defect for carbamate resistance is poorer, unfavorable packaging oil kind food. PVC cling film can only be used for packing vegetables, fruit, not directly packing meat, cooked food and grease food, and cannot be directly heating application. PVDC film can be used for packaging cooked food such as to choke, the oxygen resistance request higher food, but capital is high, the wholesale market is relatively rare. In this specially the broad consumers to pay more attention to the following: in the process of choose and buy one is wary of the product labeling information: polyethylene film now widely used in food packaging; Transparent polypropylene membrane, mainly used in bread, small food packaging; Vinyl chloride film can also be used for vegetables, fruits and other easy corrosion of food packaging, but can't be used in grease food packaging, also cannot be used in the microwave heating. The second is to use the microwave food, want to choose the packaging container with special microwave oven. Cold storage, frozen food in the refrigerator should use plastic wrap, rather than ordinary plastic bags. 3 it is packed in plastic bags cooked food, the direct edible food such as dim sum, it is best not to use colored plastic bags. Because the plastic bags are mostly from recycled waste plastic processing and become, again can't directly food. Plastic wrap is not used on any product is able to keep fresh, customers friends in packed in one plastic wrap to stop at the first should understand the annotation of cling film, look at what ingredients, and then stop, according to the features of the product packaging. Marked with a lot of plastic wrap and can't contact with grease food, can not use the microwave, shall not be used in high temperature, the plastic wrap should be PVC cling film, people choose, also do not use this kind of plastic wrap packing meat. Tags: food bag packing bags | | a brown paper bag: giant plastic bags used tip next article: giant make plastic bag use what material?
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