Chinese wolfberry bags: wolfberry side effects

by:Kolysen     2020-06-23
Although Chinese wolfberry has the very good nourishing and treatment effect, but not everyone is suitable for taking. Due to its effect is quite strong, warm body is cold has a fever, the body have inflammation, diarrhea, had better not eat the most suitable for Chinese wolfberry is frail and weak resistance. Moreover, must insist for a long time, eat a little bit every day, to work. Not all people are suitable for taking. Because of its warm the body effect is quite strong, is a cold has a fever, the body have inflammation, diarrhea, had better not eat. 1. Due to the effect of lycium warm body is quite strong, people with high blood pressure, temper too impatient, or a large number of daily intake of meat lead to surface the best not to eat of the red light. 2. Medlar can be nourishing liver and kidney, but liver and kidney there would be no need to take. 3. It is, after all, drugs, drugs to treat disease is to rely on its biased, namely we often say that the medicinal properties of. Yin medicine also for deficiency syndrome and every health without a license, should not be applied, real and vital qi is not virtual, unfavorable use virtual medicine, in case & other Behind closed doors to keep coach & throughout; 。 4. Cold will take has the disadvantages of slippage diarrhea, have internal heat is not careful. 5. Some medlar caused by eating too much red red eye bilges bilge unwell, blurred vision. So, barbary wolfberry fruit cannot eat, is a medicine three minutes poison.
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