Chinese wolfberry bags: wolfberry bubble water to drink or eat directly good

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Chinese wolfberry bubble water to drink both beauty and improving eyesight, leisure a cup of to sit by the window watching a loved books, is a rare, in the life also like with medlar bubble water, soup or porridge, actually dried chewing the best effect, but the volume of the half do the above. Good effect in Chinese wolfberry raw goji dried chewing is better than bubble water of traditional Chinese medicine have long & other; Medlar health & throughout; , many people also like to use in life medlar bubble water, soup or porridge. But pharmacist yuejun, director of the hospital in hubei province told reporters, from the edible method, direct eat chewing the more conducive to play medlar health care effect. Doctor zhang reminds, medlar bubble water or soup, fully exert the efficacy is not. Due to the water temperature, soaking time, the influence of such factors as medlar can only part of the medicinal ingredients in released into water or soup. Directly by mouth chewing, the absorption of nutrients will be more fully in the Chinese wolfberry. Dried medlar chew the Chinese wolfberry considerations when should pay attention to, in the number of the best in half, otherwise easy to tonic excessive. Generally speaking, healthy adults eat 20 grams of medlar more appropriate; If think of to the effects of treatment, can eat 30 grams a day. Medlar should choose those big granule, color red, flesh thick, soft texture, taste is not bitter sweet, sticky chewing, and the saliva can be dyed red and yellow, the medlar best quality. Often what is the advantage of medlar water 1, medlar on specific and nonspecific immune function were enhanced, and the immune adjustment. 2, medlar have antitumor effect. 3, medlar have antioxidant, anti-aging effect. 4, medlar, have the effect of protecting liver and fatty liver disease resistance. 5, medlar can stimulate the body's growth, for some genetic toxicology genetic damage induced by has obvious protective effect. 6, medlar on hematopoietic function. 7, medlar can influence under high & ndash; Pituitary & ndash; Gonad axis function, and has good fall blood sugar. 8, medlar can strengthen the function of the reproductive system, strengthening the in vitro uterine contraction frequency, tension and strength. 9, medlar can increase the skin the content of the achievement of ammonia in mice, significantly enhance the capacity of hypoxia in mice, prolong the swimming time, resistance to fatigue. 10, medlar has certain function. Medlar medlar sex food taboos, everyone can eat, but there is a little small taboo: (1) because of the effect of medlar warm body strong, so the temper too impatient, people with high blood pressure eat less as far as possible; (2) the spleen and stomach weak friend also should eat less. (3) medlar any health tonic cannot eat too much, such as healthy adults eat about 20 g medlar more appropriate. Medlar is a good thing, the side effects of itself is not big, as long as you don't overdo, general won't have what bad to the body. As for medlar the harm of bubble water to drink, actually also is very small, you can be just the right amount of edible.
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