Children's food packaging exquisite, less volume, high price

by:Kolysen     2020-08-06
Children's soy sauce noodles, children, children's biscuits & hellip; … With the elaboration and diversification of product category, packaging delicate children food more and more on the market, also high price than ordinary food, so these price does not poor children's food is more nutritious really? Reporters recently found that many of the so-called children's food, in addition to the packaging & other; Show tender & throughout; , nutrients and ordinary food. Reporters recently visited the exquisite packaging quantity is little price survey found that the children's food on the market, almost covers all kinds of food. Snack food is mainly puffed and biscuits cakes; Drink mainly contain milk beverage, fruit and vegetable juice, tea drinks and carbonated. “ Mom, give me buy this one. ” Recently, the four year old yan yan supermarket with my parents, the steamed stuffed bun tasting activity attracted by children. Because there is a lovely hedgehog, pig and panda image, yan yan is very excited, after try to eat a steamed stuffed bun clamoring for parents to buy. Xin xin's mother, a look, and a bag for 19. 9 yuan, the average close to 2 yuan of money, but because of my daughter must have, even feel price expensive, or take a bag in the shopping cart. Reporter found on the visit, in addition to the marked clearly on the package & other; Children's & throughout; “ Specifically for children & throughout; Words to attract consumers, there are a lot of food although it didn't specify is special children, or for children, but on the package is printed on infant's portrait, or design very cartoon is very cute, let a person involuntarily will relate this kind of commodity with children, that they are specially designed for children's food. In the field of snacks, especially the phenomenon. The reporter sees, cookies, candy, chocolate, goods in order to attract consumers, all USES cartoon design. Many supermarkets snacks area sales staff said that the main consumer groups of snacks is children, parents also don't see when buying ingredients, simply think that as long as it is food packing, cartoon cute and suitable for the child to eat, so the sales is very good. But look, children's food component less than similar ordinary food, at a higher price. In some supermarkets reporter discovery, the same is priced at 8. 9 yuan frozen dumplings, a brand is a product of pork, green vegetables children small dumpling is less than ordinary pork cabbage dumplings by nearly half. In a supermarket spice zone, the reporter sees, ordinary soy sauce bottles, 500 ml for 8. 9 yuan, the price of the bags are in 3 yuan. But the same is soy sauce, a specially designed for children of organic soy sauce, only 160 ml, priced at 19. Eight yuan. In addition, the same organic soy sauce in children, if it is imported, the price of 180 ml in 39. 9 yuan, compared with ordinary soy sauce is worth turned over several times. Ingredients than ordinary food is not special children's food can get the welcome of a lot of parents, mainly because it claimed that contains nutrients, trace elements can meet the needs of the children's growth and development. So, isn't it true that some parents think that children's food do have this utility? Reporter found that some children food additives with ordinary food, there is no substantial difference. Such as a children's steamed stuffed bun is a lot more than ordinary steamed stuffed bun condensed milk, cocoa powder and hydroxypropyl starch phosphate ester ( Thickener) ; A children's dumplings compared with ordinary dumplings, dumplings for children additive mainly distribution of emulsifier, and ordinary dumplings additives are mixed and disorderly; Children there are dumplings claims no added preservatives and artificial pigment, but still had food additives such as spices, monosodium glutamate, sodium carbonate. And on the comparison of nutrient composition table, in the children's food and ordinary food energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates and sodium content of every hundred grams and nutrient reference value also does not have too big difference. For the children had a greater influence on the development of sodium, for example, in a supermarket flavor area, the reporter sees a claim & other; Salt & throughout; “ Mild & throughout; Children of soy sauce, the nutritional information of sodium is 523 mg / 10 ml, with similar adult brand soy sauce in sodium is 609 mg / 10 ml, compared with no substantial reduction, and raw materials are water, soybean, wheat and edible salt. Children face is common on the market, the reporter in a supermarket to see a & other; The refined throughout the baby face &; That & other; The child's health is our common responsibility & throughout; 。 However, the reporter found that the children noodle ingredients of wheat flour, edible salt, with adult dry noodles, there is no difference, it is worth mentioning that the sodium content is 500 mg / 100 grams, even higher than another ordinary liner 450 ml / 100 g. Shanghai consumer rights and interests protection committee issued the 'Shanghai children's snacks ( Leisure food and beverage) Spending habits survey report shows that children's daily consumption of leisure some ingredients in food and beverage is not suitable for children, in fact, a large number of edible, even should stop eating. As a random sample of 132 kinds of snacks, the highest sodium content a nominal guideposts pai gow dried tangerine or orange peel of snacks, sodium 6700 mg / 100 grams, adults only a day to eat two slices of already exceeds bid, once children not control consumption, will seriously overweight.
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