Children cough for two or three years when pneumonia culprit - food packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-17
Remove the food packaging bags from said ehud Shapiro airway corner & other; Over the years all tried a cough is not the root, that is the reason. ” Looking at food sack, taken from the son in the airway, second parents. Small said ehud Shapiro (of 12 years old Not his real name) From ningxiang county, changsha, according to the parents about starting in the winter of 2013, his son appears repeatedly cough, at the local hospital diagnosed with & other Pneumonia & throughout; 。 From town to town to see the five or six hospitals, Chinese medicine, western medicine has tried, every time is in the hospital after an injection for a while, before long, relapse. On February 27th, the said ehud Shapiro because cough, gasping don't win again children live in hunan province people's hospital medical center in respiratory ward. 29, the doctor for small said ehud Shapiro fiber bronchoscope to probe, from the child's airway debris in take out a bag. Because the time is too long, foreign bodies have been granulation tissue package, take more serious bleeding, had to take the general anesthesia. According to small said ehud Shapiro later recalled, he appeared in more than two years ago to eat snack choking cough, then thought it was something grates on the digestive tract, will own eduction body outside, there is no tell parents. “ One day do 5 cases of airway foreign bodies, take out is one type of melon seeds, peanuts, nuts. ” Children's medical center of hunan province people's hospital of doctor of vice director of children's respiratory yellow cold reminder, don't let the children eat when crying, sleeping, acuteness activity, if children chronic cough more and no history of eating choke to cough, must be timely to normal hospital seeing a doctor and the doctor told the history, so as not to delay treatment.
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