Check the vacuum bags are qualified

by:Kolysen     2020-07-02

products production is completed, a large number of need to test the product is qualified before use, briefly introduce in what ways can detect whether the vacuum bags. Film ( Aluminum foil) The thickness of the ( According to GB 6672) , tensile strength & amp; Elongation ( In accordance with the GB - 13022 91) , wetting tension ( In accordance with the GB - 10003 88) And the air/moisture permeability ( In accordance with the GB1038/1037) , high temperature resistance, health fitness ( In line with the GB - 9687 - 88). And the appearance of the vacuum bags; High temperature resistance of adhesive, printing ink, food hygiene suitability; Film ( Aluminum foil) Appearance ( No obvious defects such as wrinkling, abscission visual) ; Compound speed, glue viscosity: according to the difference of the used binder and proportioning, measurements are different; Glue quantity detection: use coated paper ( Or adhesive glossy paper) , left, middle and right three different locations, in between thin film was on the point of composite, composite and remove the sample. Then press with mm100mm area of 100 square, left, middle and right three different slice the determination of the location of the sample; Then remove the coated paper ( Or pressure sensitive paper) , put the glue film in the electronic weighing on said, write down a weight. After weighing up the film ( With glue coating surface) In the solvent ( EA) Washing away all glue liquid, and then into the electronic scale weighing, and make a note of the weight b. A- B is for the sample amount of glue, then convert to the unit of g/m2. After composite curing temperature, time control: according to different raw materials used, set the corresponding temperature and time; After curing the composite strength between composite membrane ( According to the 8808 - 88) ; Slice the left, middle and right three specimens, the specimen width 15 mm, about 15 cm in length, are going to test between layer and layer stripping, about 15 mm apart on the LDX - respectively 200 universal material testing machine, the fixture, pulling speed to 100 mm/min. Vacuum packaging amount of residual solvents: slice the 0. 2 m2 samples, sample cutting into 10 mm30mm pieces quickly, under the condition of 80 ℃ preheat is put in the clean out of about 500 ml conical flask, using silica gel seal, in the 80 ℃ heating after 30 min in the constant temperature box, with a 5 ml syringe take 1 ml sample bottles of gas injection 2061 c measurement in the gas chromatograph, results to & le; 10 mg/m2 for qualified.

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